All Designs – Note Cards

  • 5″x7″ Finely Printed
  • Cream Coated Recycled Card
    with Envelope
  • Myth & Symbol Text on Back of Card
  • Made in USA
  • Ninth Wave Publishing or Amber Lotus Publishing
  • Featuring Original Celtic Art by Jen Delyth ©

Wholesale Minimum Order 24 Cards – any combination



Celtic Note Cards with beauty and meaning by Jen Delyth. Each 5″ x 7″ card is finely printed and has a description of the symbol and mythology on the back. Blank inside. (Watermark does not appear on the card). All artwork and text ©Jen Delyth

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Anu Earth Mother, Awen, Brighid's Mantle, Celtic Cross, Cross of Life, Danu Folk, Doves -Peace, Celtic Cats, Epona – Horses, Fox, Garden, Healers, Manawyddan of the Sea, Keltic Dragons, Melangell of the Hares, Triple Ravens, Owl Blodeuwedd, Ravens Panel, Stag, Selkie Seal Woman, Shape-shifters, Solstice Ravens, Sun, Taliesin, Tree Song, Triskelion, Celtic Tree of Life, Triskelion, Yggdrasil, Warrior, Weavers, Yggdrasil

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