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  • Finely woven on Jacquard looms
  • Weighted bottom
  • Wide sleeve at top for insertion of a Rod or Dowel
  • Size Varies – Check Individual Tapestries for Sizes
  • Tapestry does NOT include hardware or tassels as shown in picture
  • Quality Made in USA
  • Featuring Original Celtic Art by Jen Delyth ©

WHOLESALE Minimum Order 3 pieces any combination



Jacquard Woven Fine Art Heirloom Tapestries – Featuring Original Celtic Art by Jen Delyth. These fine art tapestries are ready to hang woven works of art. The Jacquard looms utilize between nine and seventeen miles of thread in each design, while the color palates of the warp and weft threads work in concert to achieve a broad range of colors on the face of the tapestry. Made in the USA.

All artwork and text ©Jen Delyth

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Anu – Earth Mother, Antlers & Moons, Tree of Life Mandala, Celtic Tree of Life XL, Fox, Ravens, Ravens Heart, Sun, Warrior, Yggdrasil -World Tree, Epona – Horses, Elemental Tree, Keltic Mandala, Earth Serpent

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